the restaurants

A complete list of currently-open Ithaca restaurants I’ve visited, with my highest recommendations in red, ones I’ve already reviewed, linked and underlined:

  1. Apollo Chinese Restaurant
  2. Aladdin’s Natural Eatery
  3. Asia Cuisine
  4. Asian Noodle House
  5. Auntie Anne’s Pretzels
  6. Bandwagon Brew Pub
  7. Beach House Bar & Grill
  8. Blue Stone Grill
  9. Boatyard Grill
  10. Cafe Dewitt
  11. Carriage House Cafe
  12. Chili’s Grill & Bar
  13. Collegetown Bagels
  14. CollegeTown Pizza
  15. Corks and More Wine Bar
  16. Crespella Cafe
  17. Culture Shock
  18. C.T. Bento Cafe
  19. Dano’s on Seneca
  20. D.P. Dough
  21. Fine Line Bistro
  22. Four Seasons Cafe
  23. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant
  24. Glenwood Pines
  25. Goldie’s
  26. The Good Truck
  27. Hai Hong
  28. Hal’s Delicatessan
  29. Hazelnut Kitchen
  30. The Heights Cafe
  31. Hot Truck
  32. Ithaca Ale House
  33. Ithaca Bakery
  34. Jack’s Collegetown Grill
  35. John Thomas Steak House
  36. Just a Taste
  37. Kyushu Hibachi & Sushi
  38. Lincoln Street Diner
  39. Little Thai House
  40. Louie’s Lunch
  41. Lucatelli’s Ristorante
  42. Madeline’s
  43. Mahogany Grill
  44. Manndible
  45. Manos Diner
  46. Maxie’s Supper Club
  47. Mehak
  48. Mercato
  49. Mexeo
  50. Mia Restaurant
  51. Mira Mediterranean Bistro
  52. Miyake Japanese Restaurant
  53. Moe’s Southwest Grill
  54. Moosewood Restaurant
  55. The Nines
  56. Napoli Pizzeria
  57. Northeast Pizza
  58. Northstar House
  59. Panera Bread
  60. The Piggery Deli
  61. Pita Pit
  62. Pizza Aroma
  63. Plum Tree Japanese Restaurant
  64. Purity Ice Cream
  65. Rogan’s Corner
  66. Ruloff’s
  67. Sahara
  68. Sammy’s Pizzeria
  69. Sangam Indian Cuisine
  70. Sarah’s Patisserie
  71. Shortstop Deli
  72. Simply Red Bistro at La Tourelle Resort
  73. Simeon’s
  74. Souvlaki House
  75. State Diner
  76. Stella’s Cafe
  77. Sticky Rice
  78. The Stone Cat Cafe
  79. Sugar Shack Shaved Ice
  80. Sunset Grill
  81. Sushi O Sake
  82. Sweet Melissa’s
  83. Tamarind
  84. Taste of Thai
  85. Taste of Thai Express
  86. Taverna Banfi
  87. Temple of Zeus
  88. Thai Cuisine
  89. That Burrito Place
  90. Trillium
  91. Vietnam Restaurant
  92. Viva Taqueria
  93. Waffle Frolic
  94. Zaza’s Cucina
Ithaca restaurants I have not yet visited, some of which I will most likely visit in the next 90 days, others which I may end up avoiding:

  1. Applebee’s
  2. Capital Corner Restaurant
  3. CC’s
  4. Ciao!
  5. Coal House Cafe
  6. Confection Connection
  7. Crossroads Bar & Grille
  8. Dapper’s Restaurant
  9. Dasan-J
  10. Delilah’s on Cayuga
  11. Friendly’s Ice Cream
  12. Imperial Kitchen Buffet
  13. Italian Carry Out
  14. Jade Garden
  15. JJ’s Cafe
  16. Joe’s Restaurant
  17. Kelly’s Dockside Cafe
  18. Kilpatrick’s Publick House
  19. Koko Restaurant
  20. Ling Ling Restaurant
  21. Loco Margarita Bar & Grill
  22. Mate Factor Cafe
  23. Max’s Classic American Grill
  24. New Delhi Diamonds
  25. Paradise Cafe
  26. Park Grill Cafe
  27. Paul’s Cafe and Grill
  28. Peking Restaurant
  29. Prize Diner
  30. Rascal’s
  31. The Rose
  32. Royal Court Restaurant
  33. Scale House Brewpub
  34. Tibetan Momo Bar
  35. The Antlers
  36. Wingz Over Ithaca
  37. Wok Village

Please post a comment if you know of any restaurants I’ve missed, any that have since gone out of business, or others beyond the Ithaca limits that I should visit during my time here. Thanks!


§ 3 Responses to the restaurants

  • Timothy Weber says:

    Very cool blog concept! A few notes: It’s “Tibetan Momo Bar” (and it’s a good, cheap daily lunch place). The Prize is closed after the fire. And I think Delilah’s should move from the right column to the left. 🙂

    • celeste says:

      Thanks, Tim! I’ve been to Delilah’s in its previous incarnations (WildFire, Lost Dog), but haven’t been back in a while. You’ll see that update soon, I bet.

  • Rob says:

    Good luck with your quest. Remember that with many of these restaurants, its what you order that also counts. Many of these places are not very good at making most dishes, but will excel at something that they are known for. So order carefully!

    When I went to Cornell, some places definitely stood out more than others. Some of my personal favorite places were: 1) Glenwood Pines (only thing to get is the Pinesburger or the Chilidog when available on special – generally regarded as one of the best burgers available in upstate NY); 2) Vietnam Restaurant (best things to get are BBQ Beef w/ Meatroll or the BBQ Pork with Meatroll — I have been to numerous other Vietnamese restaurants after graduation looking for a version of “Bun” similar to this, but have never found one that is as tasty. The meat here is beautifully marinated and grilled. Meatroll is extremely tasty. Sweet/Sour sauce balances everything out); 3) Benchwarmers (not sure if this place is still open, but their “sweet and spicy” wings were amazing. get them extra crispy); 4) Hot Truck (all time number one – though this is when Bob was working there, and quality level was far superior to what it is now. anything with bbq potato chips on it is worth eating); 5) Maxie’s (crab and corn chowder; oysters during happy hour; hoegaarden); 6) Hai Hong (not sure if this restaurant is still there, but they use to have a lunch buffet with some very interesting high quality options – not your usual chinese buffet; if no buffet, they make an excellent shrimp w/ mayonaisse and an excellent skillet beef dish); 7) Madeleines (dessert only).

    Other places I know are definitely closed. Anyways, good luck, and happy eating!

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